Patient Testimonials & Success Stories

"I highly recommend going to see Dr. Lin for fertility treatment. Dr. Lin and his staff are all amazing. Infertility is such a tough journey to be on and it takes a toll on you emotionally, physically, and financially. Having a doctor who is knowledgable, kind, and thoughtful makes such a big difference as you go through it. From the moment my husband and I met Dr. Lin for our initial consultation, we could see how intelligent and caring he is so it was an easy decision for us to go with him. My husband and I felt supported every step of the way because Dr. Lin took the time to explain the procedures we did, the reasons for our specific treatment plan, and realistic probabilities of each type of treatment. I felt comfortable asking any questions I had because Dr. Lin never made me feel rushed during an appointment.

When we came to see Dr. Lin, we had been trying to conceive for a year and had already been diagnosed with "unexplained infertility." We were feeling frustrated and starting to feel hopeless about conceiving and having a baby. Dr. Lin's explanations and rationale for our treatment plan gave us an understanding of the biological process involved in conceiving and the IUI/IVF process which gave us some hope back. Information is so empowering! We started with a few IUI's and then did one IVF cycle over the course of two years' time. After our second transfer, we got pregnant and recently had our baby boy!

We know there are no guarantees when it comes to fertility treatments and it's a difficult process to go through. So we are very thankful to Dr. Lin and his staff for their kindness and care through the ups and downs we experienced throughout our journey."

Sharon B. - Yelp 7/12/2019

Highly recommended. A knowledgeable physician and very supportive staff.

My husband and I visited Dr. Lin's office after nine months of unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant. Dr. Lin was always very welcoming and thorough with us every step of the way. We were lucky enough to conceive with two rounds of basic therapy so it never became necessary to use the IVF services but he was always professional and as attentive to us.

People usually have billions of questions when it comes to pregnancy stuff and you can make sure every single one of them will be answered by their staff or the doctor himself which is a huge relief for the future parents. We had zero issues with this office and a very pleasant experience throughout these period of time which is already a very stressful time by itself as well as obviously the successful pregnancy that we got."

Mahsa M. - Yelp 4/24/2019

"Dr. Lin and his staff have been such a wonderful blessing to my wife and me. Dr. Lin is brilliant and has excellent bedside manner - he makes you feel like you are his only patient and priority. The nurses and front office staff are always so kind, pleasant and sincere. We always felt so comfortable and happy when we would go to the office, even though the process itself is emotional and intimidating. We have recommended Dr. Lin and his office to multiple friends and will be back for future treatments.

We are currently 18 weeks pregnant and expecting our baby girl in June! Thank you Dr. Lin!"

Matt J.- Yelp 1/27/2019