Patient Testimonials & Success Stories

"My husband and I are so glad we found Dr. Lin. Every time we met with him he was patient, thoroughly explained any medication options and gave us lots of info regarding recent medical research and statistics. He is incredibly knowledgeable as well as compassionate and positive. Not to mention the fact that he often times personally called me with results or if I had questions. After trying to conceive for so long I felt more at ease and less stressed after meeting with him. And now I am pregnant!

Also, his staff is amazing! They are very organized and on top of everything and are really caring and compassionate as well. I can't recommend Dr. Lin and his staff enough!"

- K. G. - Yelp 9/30/2016

"Dr. Wayne Lin is very patient and passionate to any questions that I have. He takes lots of time to explanation and educates patients, and let me have full understanding about my whole physical conditions. His teams are also friendly and helpful. Truly recommended!"

- P. W. - Yelp 9/2/2016

"I started seeing Dr. Wayne Lin in Irvine in March of 2016 (The office recently merged with Reproductive Partners) I cannot say enough good things about my experience here. From the very first appointment until my last, every person in the office was amazing. Dr. Lin is the very best doctor. He is so sincere and informative and truly cares for his patients. Every step of the way I was treated as priority and was never left with questions or doubts.

My husband and I have struggled to conceive a second child for 6 years. In the past I went to a very well known infertility specialist in Newport Beach. My experience there was discouraging, awkward and a waste of time and money. 80% of the staff and most importantly the doctor acted put upon and dismissive.

Having PCOS made conceiving naturally nearly impossible and I knew I would need medicine to help me ovulate. Dr. Lin's approach was different than I was used to and I was excited to work with him. As previously stated, he is so warm and encouraging. He wants you to understand everything that's happening and I really appreciated that. After two cycles with clomid and my last cycle with letrozole I am ecstatic to say we are finally adding to our family!

I can't thank Dr.Lin and all of his staff enough. My only regret is that I can't stay with them the whole time and have them with me for the delivery, but I am excited to show them what we created together next March!"

- O.F. - RPMG Forum 8/27/2016

"I'm 31 and was recently told by another dr. That I needed surgery and had to remove my tubes. I was frightened. I've never had surgery in my life. I wanted to know what other options I had available. When the other dr said I had no other options, that's when I sought for another opinion and met Dr. Lin.

I'm so glad I did. He was able to thoroughly explain all the paperwork I provided him and laid out what my conditions were and what options I had. Although there could still be a risk of surgery, at least I can have a chance to conceive naturally. I am so pleased with his and his crew's professionalism and sensitivity to my condition and concerns. He also truly takes his time with his patients and makes sure he educates you and addresses any questions you may have. I couldn't ask for a better dr and would definitely recommend him to anyone with fertility or OB needs!"

- B. S. - Yelp 6/22/2016