Personalized IVF

At Fertility Centers of Orange County (FCOC) we don't believe one size fits all. We offer a number of different ways to perform IVF, so your procedure will be tailored to meet your specific situation. FCOC specializes in personalized IVF with multiple options to achieve the desired outcome for each patient.

Minimal/Mild Stimulation IVF is an alternative IVF treatment using less medication and less aggressive ovarian stimulation. It mimics a more natural cycle. Instead of using high doses of injectable gonadotropins, a small dose of oral or injectable medication is used to stimulate the development of a few eggs. Those eggs are retrieved from the ovaries, fertilized, and the resulting embryos are either transferred into the uterus or frozen for transfer at a later date.

The procedure takes advantage of your own natural hormones with an ingeniously simple protocol that emphasizes quality of eggs over quantity. Avoiding large doses of hormonal medications also has the benefit of avoiding large hormonal swings and hyperstimulation. It's easier on the patient and less expensive than traditional IVF.

When compared to traditional IVF, FCOC’s minimal stimulation allows our physicians to retrieve quality eggs while reducing overall medication cost, number of appointments and patient stress. We can freeze embryos and transfer them back to the patient in a later stimulated cycle when the uterine lining is more synchronized to the stage of embryo development. This all adds up to high success rates, lower costs and less aggravation for patients with even the most challenging cases!