Fertility Centers Of Orange County's Fertility Programs

Financial Programs:

Loyalty Program: The Loyalty Program or One-Two-Free program is based on the philosophy that couples capable of getting pregnant with IVF usually do so within the first three cycles. You pay for the first and second cycle, if needed, at the standard global rate. If a third cycle becomes necessary it's free. This program is provided for those patients electing traditional IVF.

Attain Fertility:

Attain IVF flex plans are proven, course of treatment plans that increase your chance of having a baby by providing you multiple traditional IVF cycles for a single, discounted fee.

Attain IVF Refund Flex Plan: This plan provides patients up to three fresh traditional and unlimited frozen traditional cycles and offers up to a 100% refund if treatment is not successful. Patients who use all services under this plan typically save 25 to 30% off of standard single traditional cycle service prices.

Attain Core Flex Plan: The Core flex plan provides up to two traditional fresh and unlimited traditional frozen cycles. Those patients who use all services under this plan typically save up to 40% off of standard single cycle service prices.

Attain programs are exclusive with Fertility Centers of Orange County and Reproductive Partners Medical Group county and Southern California.

Learn more about attain fertility programs at www.AttainFertility.com.

Insurance and IVF:

While FCOC is contracted with most insurance companies, most insurance plans don't cover infertility diagnosis and treatments. If there is coverage, it's usually very limited in terms of what is covered and have a lifetime maximum capped at $2,000-$4,000.

Covered by Insurance? Insurance program's out-of-pocket expense often costs you more than Fertility Centers of Orange County global pricing. FCOC’s ethical standards of practice include transparent pricing and recommending IVF only when absolutely necessary.