Egg Donor Program

If a woman is unable to conceive using her own eggs, she may want to consider using an egg donor. FCOC Fertility offers access to high quality donor eggs with no waiting list for most ethnic options. We are an exclusive provider partner with Donor Egg Bank USA.

Choosing an egg donor can be a difficult decision. One thing to consider is the use of fresh versus frozen eggs. Using fresh eggs means that the recipient couple chooses an egg donor to undergo ovarian stimulation. All of the harvested eggs are fertilized with the male partner's sperm and a resulting embryo is transferred to the recipient female. Any remaining embryos would be frozen for future embryo transfer procedures. Using frozen eggs means that the eggs have already been harvested and are ready for purchase from a donor egg bank.

The success rates for egg donation tend to be very high; we use only young healthy women as donors, who are likely to have very high quality eggs. Our treatment protocols are designed to minimize the use of drugs and reduce the risk of side effects for both you and your donor. Patients will go through a mock cycle before undergoing the actual transfer procedure.

Fresh Frozen (DEB USA)
Cycle Preparation Synchronization may be required Synchronization not required
Cost More expensive due to the cost of individual synchronization Less expensive due to the lack of individual synchronization
Donor Pool Usually small (regional pool) Much larger (national pool)
Cycle Start Physician chooses when cycles start in accordance with the donor and/or other recipients Patients choose when their cycles start in accordance to their own schedule
Cycle Cancellations Occurs in about 10% of cycles Occurs in less than 3% of cycles
Eggs Retrieved Patients may receive additional eggs for the additional cost Patients will receive 1 lot of 5 to 7 mature eggs per cycle
Time Approximately 6 months Approximately 2-3 months
Refund Guarantee Sometimes available See 100% Assured Refund Plan (